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The Best Cafe in the World?

I stumbled across, what just might be, my favorite cafe in the entire world. On arrival to Goa, a departing British chef recommended a restaurant down the road which I checked out.  The place, Artjuna it's called, is run by a hippy family from Israel and has an incredible selection of fresh local dishes.

Without going into too much detail, the overall ambiance is excellent.  It is completely open air except for the kitchen.  On one end of the cafe is a studio were they have morning yoga and evening dance classes.  Around the corner is a projector screen with lounging cushions for evening movies. They have an assortment of fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables which they juice into the best fresh drinks.  Theres a book exchange library with an assortment of titles from all over the world in all different languages.  The clientele are speaking german, russian, english, israeli, french, and more. Trees are interspersed throughout and used for hanging local artwork, fans and shade covers.  To top all of this, the prices are less than a combo meal at McDonalds. See photos for more details...

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