Chris Smith


Thoughts on life.


We chartered a bus and driver and 13 of us travelled across northern India from Jaipur to Delhi with a stop at the Ranthambore Tiger Preserve and Agra to see the Taj Mahal.  I've seen more forts, monuments, buildings, waterfalls, and other "must see" attractions than I care to remember in the past 5 years.  They all end up looking and feeling the same after a while and what I've realized the most over time is, it's the people you are with when you see interesting sites and what you learn and take with you about the local people and their culture.  

In a world where photos are cheap, quick and easy, everyone wants a photo of or with something seemingly noteworthy.  To me this has been more interesting to capture, especially  having an absurd amount of photos of myself in front of whocareswhat monument.  Seeing people seeking out the perfect shot,  cajoling their children to get together and smile so the moment can be captured forever, seeing two friends embrace for a photo or a bunch of old men sitting on the curb with apparent disinterest while a presumed son takes a photo, it is all beautiful.  The group of kids that accosts you, selling their carved marble wares, or just wanting a photo, and the old man selling his "elephant bone" necklace.  The people trying to make a living off of the relatively wealthy visitors. These are the more interesting views I've been taking photos of in the past couple of days.