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The Photo Metric

It seems I always push myself to the brink of exhaustion.  I've been traveling and living out of a backpack for nearly 7 months since quiting my job in May of 2013.  I've been dwelling on life and how to accommodate all of the experiences I've had in the past months with an already overloaded and somewhat ADHD brain.

The Photo Metric for Life 

Ask yourself: How many photos have I taken this year/month/week?

It seems (for me atleast, an avid photo taker... not photographer because that seems to imply some level of skill) to make sense to say- that- the more photos you have taken, the more memorable or adventurous or novel of a life you have been living.  Of course some people rarely ever take photos regardless, some only take them to share and generate envy, but I'd say for a large portion of society- you could measure how much "living"* a person has been doing by the amount of photos they've taken.

*I say "living" in a sense, conflicting the stereotypical day to day, some might say boring, routine life of 40 hour work weeks and chores etc.

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