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Sales Engineering Community and Meetup

While working to build out the sales engineering role and processes at Segment, I ran into a bunch of challenges around best practices, metrics, and role definition.  The main point that stood out was the lack of a community to help a technical person on the sales side.  

After outbounding to a bunch of other Sales Engineers, I found this lack of community really resonated and we started the Sales Engineering meetup group.  Here's the prezi from our first meetup.

The meetup was super successful with a great crowd and some in depth discussion on the role.  This is a fascinating time as the world is moving to a model where sales engineers are becoming the key contact on the sales side as value is able to be conveyed prior to investment and negative feedback (churn) can happen at almost any moment.

Also great to see a few other meetups have popped up in the past few months on the same topic.  It'll be interesting to see how this progresses!