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The Opposite of India

I landed in Frankfurt and took a blablacar (awesome ridesharing service for getting pretty much anywhere in europe) up to Berlin with a few Germans.  It's a culture shock being here.  Berlin really feels the opposite of India.  Its a normal european city but everything feels utterly empty.  After a month of seeing, hearing, and smelling people, cows, dogs, elephants, camels, trash, and vehicles, its eerily quiet and clean here.  I keep looking around thinking, where are all the people, where's the life the color, the kids, the cacophony.  Germans have a way about being orderly and theres an additional layer of rule following culture here with their soviet past.  India has what seems like chaos but is the result of their culture and population density.

So I'm spending the week staying with a good friend from college and working remotely from various coworking (shared offices for entrepreneurs/independent professionals) offices. It's interesting to see the tech scene manifest itself here with a German spin.  It's definitely a place I could spend more time.