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The Open Delivery Network

The Open Delivery Network is a set of public protocols to create an autonomous vehicle infrastructure for logistics.

We believe the most viable way of increasing the efficiency of logisitics and enabling and empowering the most people in the world is through an open network for logistics where massive amounts of people can build on top of the protocols to create an ecosystem of innovation similar to that of the internet. An open network and compatible set of standards could be a better system than an Amazon/Google controlled network.

The network is composed of:

  • Network of charging/routing/package handling stations
  • Decentralized routing protocol - think bitcoin with charging/routing stations equivelent to miners
  • Network connected autonomous vehicles
  • Package size/weight specifications

Network incentives could work similar to bitcoin, paying processing fees to people to host charging/routing stations on their property. As incentives develop, networks of scale will build autonomous vehicle infrastructure in an efficient way.

Starting Point

Build a common charging and vertical take off and landing system for any common UAV.

Enable immediate drone based services who need to automate data collection/image capture via a general system.w

Composed of:

  • Common charging connector
  • Docking station
  • Landing control system
  • Software APIs to build autonomous scheduling

What do you think the best place to start is?

Thanks for reading and please comment with development suggestions or if you want to get involved, thanks!