Chris Smith

Super Reader


A company called Spritz made a one word at a time speed-reading technology that I became intrigued by. Imagine being able to stare at a screen and read/download an entire blog post into your mind without moving your eyes. The problem with this technology however is that it doesn't have awareness of whether the user is paying attention or not. I decided to create some touch-less control that could integrate into the speed-reading user experience. I built Super Reader as a proof of concept of using blinking and subtle hand movement as a control mechanism for a Spritz-like reading interface. 

Thanks to the company called Spritz who invented the low eye movement one line speed-reading technology which I've mimic'd in a less effective way.


I was successful in using blink and hand tracking as a interface method to the reading tool. I found the blink to have some promise for being a low movement, low energy expenditure means of controlling the reading experience. The hand tracking to control reading speed was less useful as it would be simpler and more comfortable for the speed-reading use case to use they keyboard.




Leap Motion SDK, OpenCV

Speedreading + Hand and Eye Control