Chris Smith

A Respiration Sensor for Virtual Reality

A sensor built specifically for digitizing respiration activity of a virtual reality user. The goal of this project was to build the easiest to use and lowest latency method of breath detection for virtual reality in order to create novel relaxation experiences.


When posted to Oculus Reddit page, this item was the number one entry of the day and garnered 1000+ views. People reached out to purchase sensors and use them for games and research projects. We currently collaborate with Cornell, SUNY Oswego, University of Florida and a few companies on projects they are building using the sensor. We filed for a provisional patent.


Creator, Software Integration, Signal Processing, Packaging, VR Development

Read the full article on the JunoVR blog here.

Breathing Sensor

Breathing Sensor

The sensor mounts on a virtual reality headset and measures mouth and nasal exhalation using a hot-wire anemometer technique. We found this to be the most precise and low latency airflow measurement method out of 4 different methods that we tested.


Breathing Sensor Enhanced Guided VR Meditations

We integrated the sensor into multiple guided meditations as an immersive breath feedback experience. We tested these experiences at companies and conferences. Many people found breathing in VR to be a fun, relaxing experience. Some quoted 

There are so many more applications of breath in a 3D environment to explore:

- User interface interaction

- User state recognition

- Analytics

- Enhancing game mechanics

- Many more