Chris Smith



This is the blog of Chris Smith. I'm an engineer and entrepreneur.  I'm currently working on community building and products around community. I'm passionate about platforms that help people to connect and find mutual benefit.

I previously worked at Segment as a growth engineer and partnerships person. Before that I worked in the hardware and sensors meets software space at National Instruments. I hack around on tech projects in the analytics, hardware, sensors, wearables, internet of things space in San Francisco, CA.  

I get jazzed about

  • Minfulness, meditation, and consciousness
  • Community building and purpose
  • Technology and impact
  • Sales and marketing tech
  • Human machine interfaces and the future of digital meets analog 
  • Consult for sensors and systems space at d2i Technologies
  • Been featured on some blogs for hardware projects and communities

Started some communities

Interested in too many other things

  • Sailing
  • Dancing (sometimes whilst sailing)
  • Travel
  • Real estate
  • Communal living
  • Technical communication systems
  • Self improvement, self knowledge, biology, conciousness


Below are some places I've been lucky to see